Inhabit your Heartscape

Start from zero By Christopher Myers My recent cross country trip was, in many ways, to shake off the old former ways and to pursue a new perspective. Over the past two years, writing this column has brought clarity and often a sense of delight with how God does things.  Crossing the Jordon was a… Continue reading Inhabit your Heartscape

Pausing on the Highway of Life

Start from zero By Christopher Myers As AAA helps me find the right garage for my imperiled 1978 Mercedes 240D and arranges for a flat bed, I’m peaceful (here on the shoulder of Interstate 10 outside Van Horn, Texas) because I planned for this event as a possibility of driving a 38 year-old car across… Continue reading Pausing on the Highway of Life

Abundant Life

Start from zero By Christopher Myers Abundant is defined as (a life) being marked by great plenty and amply supplied or abounding. Life is knowing that one’s soul is redeemed and has become eternal. Only Jesus gives us this assurance and it is within the communion of the Spirit and our souls where we find… Continue reading Abundant Life


Start from zero By Christopher Myers The other day, driving past cotton fields in Virginia, I noticed that the cotton isn’t readily apparent; the cotton fruit grows under the leaf canopy which is busy absorbing as much solar radiation as possible in order to produce photosynthesis. As I drove past the numerous fields of this… Continue reading Cotton

Commit Your Efforts

Start from zero By Christopher Myers How often, I ask myself, do I just run errands and push through deadlines for work just to accomplish tasks and to make a paycheck? In other words, Chris, how much of your effort is detached from your true self? My answer, to myself, is quite a lot of my effort… Continue reading Commit Your Efforts

God’s Will

Start from zero By Christopher Myers Since beginning this column in January of 2014, my financial and spiritual lives have been merged into one colossal event. This event, called my upheaval, has brought me incredible pain, insight and fabulous growth. In summary, I’ve become dependant upon God for his provision and leadership. I began the… Continue reading God’s Will


Start from zero By Christopher Myers Difficulties are sure. Life is full of ups and downs, obstacles we’d never have imagined and processes for remedies that are both annoying and expensive. This is also sure: we have a choice as far as how we respond to our circumstances. When things are going well, each of… Continue reading Strength