Becoming a writer

Accepting the beauty of new territories. What I like most about writing is the vast landscape my imagination explores. It’s a library of dreams. My mind envisions the real melding with the unreal everywhere I go, including a long-lost memory. In the memory, I am in Bartlett, New Hampshire, thirteen years old with chickenpox, and… Continue reading Becoming a writer

My Most Holy Place

Writing is my most holy place. Within words and their organization I find expression of my imagination and of my simple desire to communicate. I’ve worked within design studios and creative agencies where communication was the ultimate goal, but I found my role as a creative director extremely limited by the constraints of brand guidelines and… Continue reading My Most Holy Place

God’s Will

Start from zero By Christopher Myers Since beginning this column in January of 2014, my financial and spiritual lives have been merged into one colossal event. This event, called my upheaval, has brought me incredible pain, insight and fabulous growth. In summary, I’ve become dependant upon God for his provision and leadership. I began the… Continue reading God’s Will


Start from zero By Christopher Myers Difficulties are sure. Life is full of ups and downs, obstacles we’d never have imagined and processes for remedies that are both annoying and expensive. This is also sure: we have a choice as far as how we respond to our circumstances. When things are going well, each of… Continue reading Strength