Accepting What God Gives

I just became a member of SCBWI, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. For now, I’m a writer. I may add illustration down the road—this would make my late auntie, Susan Jeffers, very proud. It seems (and I believe it to be so) that God has led me to this very simple and comfortable place of accepting that I love stories and I really love imagining them. I’ve been working on travel memoirs with spiritual flavors and scripts that evoke the power of divine change, but writing Balloon about two months ago came as easy as breathing. And I believe there will be more to come, so bye for now.


  1. Hi Chris, I’m so glad to find your blog. It’s very inspiring. I just had a critique with Rachel right after you. She mentioned about you being a Christian and was trying to find your book, Balloon. I found your blog, instead! Good luck with publishing your first children’s book!

    1. Hi Yumiko! My apologies for the delayed response. I’m so busy learning about writing that I’m pushing other day to day activities to the side. Glad you found my blog! I’m going to the Bootcamp in Vero Beach this Saturday. Maybe I’ll see you there?

  2. Hey hope you’re doing good! It’s Destiney from the Apple store. Still hanging on to your card for Balloon!

    1. Thanks Destiny, nice to hear from you. Sorry for the delay in response. Working to get Balloon published soon!! Thanks for your support.

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