Venice in Missouri

Finding inner healing
in an orchestrated flood

Fiction Magical Realism Speculative

Venice in Missouri by Chris Myers


“Cat, you’re right. I’m sorry.” He lifted his glass and clinked glasses with Katie and drank the rest of his Champagne. “Those diamonds are surrounded by death,” he said quietly as he lifted the bottle and filled Katie’s glass and refilled his. A loud clap of thunder, getting closer than before, made Katie jump and spill a bit of her Champagne. “I was deep in thought when you came in here and I guess I didn’t finish processing what I was receiving. Holding that carving, I’m calling her Julia, I felt a profound sadness, quite the opposite of the merriment you’ve brought with you. I haven’t shaken it, I’m sorry sweetheart.” He looked down at his glass, and took a sip. 

“Well, I’m gonna fill you in on the rest. OK?” She took another sip. “Our dreams have been about diamonds. I’ve been in a mine the last couple of weeks with a girl. I suspect Julia is her name and like your carving she is wearing a pink hat, actually it’s a helmet. Her mother, father and her husband have fallen deep into the mine below where she and I are in the dream. They are dead. She’s alone. And I too felt a profound sadness. But in each dream as I enter the mine, there is a handsome figure in the cavern that is holding out a diamond to this girl. And she ignores him.” She reached for another cheese straw and looked discerningly at Walt. “Have you any idea of what happened in last night’s dream?”