Florida Blues

A journey of discovery in Old Florida

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Florida Blues by Chris Myers

Florida Blues concept jacket


My two friends were calling out to me in the darkness. “Chris, over here. Over here!” Their voices rang with an echo as if there was a chasm between us. Is this a heart attack? Am I in the process of blacking out? No, I can feel the snow falling on my head and my face. Fascination wafted from the piano.

Without warning, a strong hand gripped my right shoulder from behind. Turning quickly, expecting to see one of my friends, I came face to face with a bearded wise man. Nearly losing my balance again as lurched back, I found my footing and inspected this character. His gray curly hair and purple robes comforted my spirit. He looked like Saint Paul. “Why do you pretend to be someone that you’re not?” His cinnamon scented breath filled my nostrils.