Inhabit your Heartscape

Start from zero

By Christopher Myers

My recent cross country trip was, in many ways, to shake off the old former ways and to pursue a new perspective. Over the past two years, writing this column has brought clarity and often a sense of delight with how God does things. 

Crossing the Jordon was a particular favorite of mine; here my heart came to understand God’s call into a land of difficulty where he would show himself as the center of where we are to trust. Trust was a massive theme throughout this column. And in discovering I could trust God he continued to lead me into more understanding of my heartscape: the territory of my heart. 

While in Big Bend National Park, Texas, God’s presence illuminated the limits of my heart. On the drive from Marfa through the vast Badlands landscape God started speaking about that place, “You can’t contain my goodness, Chris. My vastness is not to be reasoned with nor understood.” As I passed Leary Ranch I saw within my heart’s territory the ranch of my own devices where the operation of the ranch was controlled by my will. This real life landscape embodied God’s revelations about my heart’s control of things and ideas as ways that were opposed to his ways. My heartscape was vast, but I preferred to live in a contained ranch.

I looked beyond the ranches to the Chisos Mountains and far off peaks. I thought, no single ranch will ever contain all of this—the vastness of the heart he created in me and in all of us. In fortifying our ranches, we define the limits of our very existence. 

God said, “Tear down your fences and find me everywhere.” I could see that this is why the enemy wants the territory of our heart: to destroy and rob the pleasure of our astonishing and fantastic territory, which God has given to each of us.

I have sought to own the pleasure of these places by trying to possess them. 

God said, “I want you to delight in them, but leave the ownership and maintenance to me. Simply rejoice and trust and offer tender mercy in love; as I always have, for eternity and for every living thing, I will provide. I am Jehovah Gyra. Mark the boundaries I give to you, do not build fences to enclose and to contain. A boundary is a limit to guide and to protect. A ranch by contrast is a false refuge that consumes wealth and effort. Pride drives a ranch. Peace instructs boundaries.”

Now that my fences are down, God asks me to bring my creativity into the territory he created just for me—beyond my ways and trusting in his. Inhabit the territory he’s created just for you and listen for his wonderful voice. We’ll meet again.

Christopher Myers is a designer/writer/forgiven sinner and has fellowshipped with believers around the world. Faith is his passion. Email him at

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