God’s Will

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Start from zero

By Christopher Myers

Since beginning this column in January of 2014, my financial and spiritual lives have been merged into one colossal event. This event, called my upheaval, has brought me incredible pain, insight and fabulous growth. In summary, I’ve become dependant upon God for his provision and leadership. I began the process of upheaval both arrogant and willful. Sure of my capabilities and experiences I was unreachable in my heart and soul. And that is where I believe many of my fellow Christians and agnostics remain—it’s the ‘God helps those who help themselves’ lie!

A book that sat on my shelf for years jumped out at me last month and I began reading it. I’d like to share the following paragraph with you, because for me, it summarizes the drastic change I’ve experienced and reveals how diametrically opposed to willful living God’s will is for our lives. This book, Abandonment to Divine Providence, was written by Jean-Pierre de Caussade, a teacher, philosopher and theologian in Sixteenth century France. My soul has been awe inspired by his words, because they seem to transform the spiritual I’m experiencing into perfect thoughts. And remember this was written over 260 years ago! I feel like it was just for me. Have a look.

“There is no peace more wonderful than the peace we enjoy when faith shows us God in all created things. All that is dark becomes light, and what is bitter sweet. Faith transforms ugliness into beauty, and malice into kindness. Faith is the mother of tenderness, trust and joy. It cannot feel anything but love and pity for its enemies, by whom it is so greatly enriched, for the more harsh the actions of creatures against us, the more beneficial God makes them for our souls.

The human instrument tries to injure us, but the divine craftsman, in whose hands it is, ensures that it takes from our souls all that would harm them. The will of God has only delights, favors and riches for all souls who are obedient to it. We cannot trust it too much or abandon ourselves to it too completely. If we leave everything to God, he will do all that is necessary for our holiness. Faith cannot doubt this.

The more unreliable, disgusted, despairing and unsure of themselves our senses are, the more emphatically does faith exclaim: “God is here! All goes well!” There is nothing that faith cannot overcome. It pierces through the darkest shadows and the thickest clouds to reach the truth, embraces it and can never be torn from it.”

This has been my soul’s delight, because I feel the camaraderie of experience and delight in another’s discovery! Faith is not for sissies, because it is hard and mysterious, conversely an arrogant and hard soul wills its own satisfaction, but faith wills the glories of God.

Christopher Myers is a designer/writer/forgiven sinner and has fellowshipped with believers around the world. Faith is his passion. Email him at c.myers@me.com

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