Start from zero

By Christopher Myers

The other day, driving past cotton fields in Virginia, I noticed that the cotton isn’t readily apparent; the cotton fruit grows under the leaf canopy which is busy absorbing as much solar radiation as possible in order to produce photosynthesis. As I drove past the numerous fields of this prodigious crop I could have easily mistaken it for soybeans. However, along the road, the edge of the field allowed the entire height of the bordering cotton plants to reveal their inner structure.

It is here, in the area beneath the canopy and held in the safety of the branches that the cotton fruit is slowly but surely at this season of harvest opening up and showing its white snowy self.

As I tried to snap a photo going 60 miles per hour, so I could remember this thought visually, I got miffed, because I couldn’t capture it. Getting more annoyed the Spirit reminded me, ‘You can pull over and get out of the car and take a picture. It’s OK.’

Digesting that was another lesson altogether, meanwhile I pulled into the driveway of a deserted farmhouse surrounded by cotton fields. I began taking shots of the overall effect of the field which was completely green without any white showing. Then I took photos from the edge of the field with the cotton blossom opening while some of the bolls were still shut.

Up till this point, I’d never looked at cotton close up and I felt like I was adding this well known plant to my botanical library. 

Why was this of interest? Because I felt God’s delight in reminding me that in his works throughout humanity there is often little visual proof of the fruits that are being produced in the souls of mankind. Discouragement, fear, anxiety and depression are often fanned into flame because we forget to look within and take an inventory of the incredible works that are being wrought in our souls—not always being completed or obvious.

My own fruit of obedience is one such fruit that hasn’t quite come to flower let alone born a fruit. It is a gift to be obedient in the face of such rebellious possibility in this life. It is easy to react and to serve self. It is not easy to stand firm and deny one’s self at the directive of the master. How will I gain? I might ask myself when faced with the opportunity to volunteer or turn away from temptation.

But, suddenly aware of the fact that I even considered denying myself, I look within and begin to see the ‘God pod’ that is near harvest ready and I acknowledge that the leafy canopy over me is God’s hand turning his discipline and love into dynamic essential providence for my good—and to bless his creation.

Christopher Myers is a designer/writer/forgiven sinner and has fellowshipped with believers around the world. Faith is his passion. Email him at

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