My Most Holy Place

Writing is my most holy place. Within words and their organization I find expression of my imagination and of my simple desire to communicate. I’ve worked within design studios and creative agencies where communication was the ultimate goal, but I found my role as a creative director extremely limited by the constraints of brand guidelines and account managers with little to no imagination and even less ability to envision a clients true needs. But one need we all have is to find truth.

Truth is a wow because it sets us free within the boundaries of reality. Like flying or swimming, sleeping or eating being set free in truth is a simple act but it is clear and wonderful. How few of these wow’s do we get in a day or a week or a year or a lifetime! Most of our time is spent navigating the world’s boundaries of finance, politics and career so wow’s tend to be either overlooked, dismissed or unrecognized.

Living in my most holy place is in fact a wow everyday. Within this place is the sacred connection between me and the Creator. Being in His presence is a wow. Receiving the truths from His Spirit is a wow and allowing myself to roam freely in His creation is a wow. I invite you to begin looking for your most holy place—the one that resonates with who you really are. I’ve found that places I like or feel at home in draw out my true self. Beaches help me get to my core because they are beautiful and powerful but also invite rest and joy. I resonate with these attributes. As I drove by the beach near my house, this scene synthesized my spirit. It was a rare and lovely marriage of blues and a beach bucket and the suggestion of bliss. This is also how I feel when I’m writing—my most holy place.

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